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Sabong Philippines - The Country of Cockfighting

In the Philippines, cockfighting is not just a hobby, but a way of life for many men who take pride in breeding and training fighting chickens. Although controversial in other countries, cockfighting is a legal and booming industry in the Philippines, with a production value reaching millions of pesos.

Here are some interesting social phenomena related to cockfighting in the Philippines:

The Cockfighting Heaven:

The Philippines is known as the "cockfighting heaven" with thousands of legal and illegal cockfighting arenas across the country. The industry is worth over millions of pesos and has even attracted multinational companies to invest in this market.

Numerous Cockfighting Arenas: The love for cockfighting is so strong that there are more cockfighting arenas in the Philippines than churches.

The Cockfighting World Cup:

The annual World Slasher Cup held in Manila is considered the "Olympics of Cockfighting" and attracts thousands of spectators who come to watch over 600 fights.

Exciting Cockfighting Techniques:

With years of experience, Filipinos have developed unique techniques to make cockfighting more thrilling, such as making the roosters angry by letting them have close contact, staring at each other, and even spitting at them.


Gambling in Cockfighting:

Of course, gambling is a big part of cockfighting. The bets can range from ten to ten thousand dollars in VIP seating areas.

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