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Top 5 Epic and Hilarious Cockfighting Videos That Will Get You Pumped!

Get ready to roar with laughter and adrenaline as we present to you the top 5 funniest and most epic cockfighting videos of all time! These videos will not only entertain you but will also give you a glimpse into the intense and thrilling world of cockfighting. From hilarious rooster pranks to epic battles, these videos are a must-watch for any cockfighting fan.

And the best part? You can enjoy these videos and more at Sabong International's online platform! With a wide range of videos, live streams, and forums, Sabong International is the ultimate destination for any cockfighting enthusiast. So what are you waiting for? Let the games begin!

The fighting chicken is not only powerful but also very smart! This inexperienced fighting chicken was put on the field too early by his master, and when he realized something was wrong, he immediately told his master his actions that it was wrong to do so: You let me go on the field, so I had to treat you as my opponent first!

Look at those human beings, they run away when they encounter a chicken that has not finished training, so the race is definitely very exciting for those who have finished training!


"From Human to Chicken: A Hilarious Parody of Cockfighting!”

After watching so many "real" cockfighting matches, it's time to switch roles!

When a human becomes a chicken fighter? From the beginning of the knife to the fighting process, all the characters in the film are very serious, but still can not help but want to laugh all the time, the imitation is too funny!


Why do Filipino men love cockfighting so much? Just look at this man's confident, dancing performance!

That's the kind of glory a cockfight winner gets, his body moves with the same ease and agility as the cockfight he won! His face is full of confidence and pride as if he can't wait to share his victory and happiness with everyone.


That's how wild it is! We cockfighters can't be satisfied with land-based competitions anymore, even if we're in the water, we still want to hold cockfighting competitions!

It's just that it's very tiring to hold it by hand all the time, and it's not clear whether it's a cockfighting competition or a swimming competition.


As a chicken fighter, how can a mere cage hold me? Dare to block me, then the whole demolition.

This film does not need to fight, you can also see the absolute power of fighting chickens! No wonder the cockfighting competition is always so exciting!


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