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Top 10 Gamefowl Bloodlines You Can't-Miss on Sabong International

In recent years, the global Sabong International competition has grown in popularity, and this thrilling cock competition is slowly becoming a cultural phenomenon as more and more people pay attention to it. If you are an avid fan of Sabong International, then this list of the top 10 chicken bloodlines is something you should not miss!

These top ten Sabong chicken breeds have inherited hundreds of years of history and tradition, and have become brave fighters on the race track, experiencing numerous fierce competitions and winning the respect and admiration of many people. These outstanding breeds of chickens have become the best in the Sabong International competition, thanks to their great vitality, skill and perseverance.

In this list of the top ten chicken breeds, you will find many familiar names such as Kelso, Sweater and Hatch, all of which have an indelible place and value in the history of Sabong. By delving into the history and characteristics of these chicken bloodlines, you can better understand the cultural background and characteristics of Sabong competitions, and get a deeper sense of the passion and enthusiasm of this athletic competition.

Top 10 Gamefowl Bloodlines

Let's explore the amazing world of Sabong International and witness the stories of these immortal chicken breeds and legends together!

  • Sweater

One of the strongest and most aggressive bloodlines in the world of gamefowl fighting today, Sweaters have an outstanding physical appearance and deadly attacking abilities that can easily defeat their opponents.

  • Kelso

A mid-range gamefowl breed, Kelsos possess the ability to change stances and employ various tactics in battle, including their own evasion techniques, making them top contenders in the gamefowl community.

  • Roundhead

Hailing from Asia, these intelligent warriors are a mid-to-high-range breed with precise attacking abilities and agile dodging skills.

  • Lemon 84

A mid-to-low height gamefowl breed from the Duke Hulsey bloodline, Lemon 84s have a unique combat perception and excellent timing in battle.

  • Regular Gray

One of the most popular medium-sized gamefowl breeds, gray roosters dominate the arena with their high breaking power and strong attacking abilities, never backing down from a fight even if injured.

  • Hatch

A mid-sized breed known for their high-flying, fast, and intelligent fighting skills, Hatch breeds come in different varieties, with McLean, Blueface, and Gilmores being the top-tier ones in the market.

  • Clarets

A purebred gamefowl breed, Clarets have precise and fast attacking abilities and intense fighting spirit. They have white legs, black breasts, and feathers with a red wine color.

  • Brow Red

A medium-sized breed with fast and precise attacking abilities and various stances, Brow Reds have poor stamina and lack interest in fighting.

  • Pyle

A medium-sized breed with diverse colors, Pyles have the ability to fly high and use their claws precisely in attacks, but they lack fighting spirit.

  • Johnny Jumper Radio

A mid-to-low height breed, Johnny Jumper Radios have strong attacking abilities and great power, but they are not very intelligent and lack fighting skills, only aiming for the opponent's fatal areas without any defensive abilities.


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