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online sabong tips 

How to choose a good cockfight to improve your odds of winning

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online sabong tips : Before a chicken competition begins, inexperienced players may wonder, "How do I choose my fighters? After all, newcomers with no breeding experience and no knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of breeds will certainly feel overwhelmed.

By the same token, if you can also grasp this knowledge when playing online sabong online sabong tips , you may be able to choose the right fighter with more confidence and increase your win rate!

Don't worry, we've put together some winning tips for those of you who want to join the fight! Just follow these tips to choose your chickens, and you will definitely stand out in the battle and win more money ds88 sabong.

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online sabong tips - How to choose a good fighting chicken

  • Fighting

online sabong tips : A good fighting chicken in any case will take the initiative to find the other side to attack, fighting to the end to personally out of the mouth, to knock down the chicken lying on the ground, even if they are knocked down lying and not go, rather than die, a breath of battle to the end. Absolutely no retreat in the attack, the attack is determined and active.

As the saying goes: "Attack like a river, battle like the wind. This is the truth.

  • Weight

Generally divided into three levels, large 4Kg or so, medium 3.5Kg or so, and small cock for about 3Kg. The super-large cock is about 5 kg, but the body is bulky, has slow movement, and not conducive to combat. The female cockerel is smaller than the male cockerel.

  • Feather color

The feather color of the fighting chicken is very careful. Generally green, red, and purple, soap is the top color. Cyan that is black, with a green front, the bottom down for the white sand tail. Red is the back of the neck for the red hair. The purple is the back of the neck feathers for the Jiang red or black red. Soap color means the whole body feathers are evenly colored black. White, lily, aloe, and persimmon yellow feathers are the next level of color.

Each kind of plumage is required to have the correct color, good luster, white sandy tail, and white edge wings.

  • Fighting Chicken Head

Relatively speaking, the chicken's face is small, thin, and delicate face is good, earrings should be small, so as not to be bitten in battle. Can not have a heavy beard, the brain should be wide and thick, the eye sockets should be deep and large. Mouth shape should be thick, straight, and long pointed, mouth to be sharp and sharp is good, too thin and too long is not desirable. online sabong tips of the mouth to color pure, generally only yellow and white, adult fighting cock mouth color can not have black, or fragile.

  • crown shape

Generally, there are two major categories: flat-topped and corolla.

The flat top has a narrow face, wide face, goose top, and persimmon crown. The crown is divided into the crown of the warrior, the small flower crown, the large flower crown, the longevity crown, and the open axe. The small and small is good.

  • Eye color

Cockatoo eye color is very careful, generally divided into white, yellow, red, chrysanthemum, bean green, etc., to pure white for top quality. The two eyes should have a sharp, sharp gaze, while the eye sockets are deep, and the eyes should be small.

  • Bone

The bones must be strong, and the length and thickness of each part of the bones must be in proportion to each other, too long or too short is not conducive to combat.

  • Body Type

The front chest should be wide, the feathers should be compact, and the body frame should be sharp. Small head, big body frame, small legs, and creeping claws.

The tail should be flat, such as dragging a broom to walk steadily. The tail should not be cocky, cocky fight it is easy to sway from side to side.

  • Leg claws

online sabong tips : The thigh and calf bend should be large, the thigh bend is large, strong bounce. The thighs should be thick, the legs should be thin, the meat should grow on the thighs, and the legs should be skin and bone.

The seven-petaled legs are also of superior length (meaning that there are three tile surfaces on the face of the legs, and a section of them is shaped like seven-star petals, forming seven petals), and the distance between the legs should be large, that is, the crotch opening should be wide. The claws should be large, and the claws should be small, dry, and long, and the angle between the toes should be large, that is, the so-called crossed big climbing claws; the hind paws should be spread backward so that they can stand and land steadily.


online sabong tips - How to register

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