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sabong free 100 / More than 100 years of chicken fighting history

E SABONG, one of the fastest growing industries during the epidemic, or the only alternative to fighting chickens today

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A while ago, the Philippine authorities passed a bill to officially extend the taxation touch to the cockfighting industry. In the Philippines, the enthusiasm for this game is no less than that of traditional gaming games such as roulette and baccarat. Therefore, it is only natural that the government is eyeing this "treasure mine".

While betting on sabong, have you ever wondered where this craze started? Today, I'll talk to you about the centuries-old "chicken fight", sabong in the Philippines.

sabong free 100/More than 100 years of chicken fighting history

It is said that long before the Spaniards brought Catholicism to the Philippines, two well-trained roosters were fighting each other on the local shores.

It is said that when the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived at the Philippine coast, it was already a magnificent scene of chickens fighting with each other. The Italian scholar Antonio Pigafetta, in his account of the arrival of the Spanish fleet at "Polaoan" (now known as Palawan), recounted this scene.

"The people here have large and very gentle roosters, which are not used for food but are worshipped by the locals. Sometimes they let the chickens fight each other and everyone bet a certain amount on the rooster, and if the rooster wins, the prize goes to the owner of the rooster." (From Jocano, The Philippines at the Spanish Contact, p. 80.)

Prosperous cockfighting

Even today, cockfighting still has a fervent following in this country. Some people involved in this "sport" say that there are in fact more cock fighting rings here than there are churches here.

Let's take a look at the cultural phenomena of the cockfighting craze in the Philippines

The second most popular amateur hobby in the Philippines after basketball

In the Filipino cockfighting community, there is also an old and classic question - "When the house is on fire, who should be saved first?" And Filipino cockfighting enthusiasts have given the answer, "First the rooster, then the wife and children.”

This answer reveals that cockfighting is a decidedly masculine field in the Philippines. In Filipino, sabong, or cockfighting, is the second most popular amateur hobby in the Philippines after basketball.

Annual turnover of over 1 billion pesos

Cockfighting is also a huge business. The industry has an annual turnover of over 1 billion pesos! Multinational companies such as San Miguel, Novartis or Bayer are also competing for market share in the growing feed or fodder market.

Each year, between 70,000 and 130,000 roosters are raised to become fighting chickens.

Since almost every community (Barangay) has a small cock fighting farm, the number is much higher than 10,000 and even increases during the local Fiestas celebrations. There is even a calculation that 70,000 to 130,000 roosters are bred to become fighting chickens in the Philippines each year.

In fact, the sport has become more popular than you or I could have ever imagined. Not only is there a special magazine published in the Philippines about cockfighting and the industry, but there are also columns in provincial radio programs discussing the sport, and many TV commercials selling cockfighting medicine.

How important is cockfighting to Filipinos? So much so that former President Ferdinand Marcos passed a "cockfighting law" in 1974 to "protect and promote the national patrimony system".

According to the law, cockfighting should be a tool to protect and perpetuate the heritage of the indigenous people of the Philippines, thus strengthening the national identity.

The Philippine government has never banned cockfighting. Marcos established a committee for cockfighting, which controls the issuance of permits for cockfighting and cockfighting on cockfighting farms.

As a unique sport and culture, cockfighting is deeply rooted in the Philippines, so if you don't know much about cockfighting, you may want to try to take the time to enjoy it for some long-time Filipino readers.


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