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Exclusive introduction!DS88 Sabong Live

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Where to Watch Sabong LIVE?

Since the popularity of Covid-19, live cockfighting has stopped since last year, but the good thing is that now you can play e-sabong

We can still play and enjoy sabong from the comfort and security of your home. We don't need to venture outside. Online cockfighting now has a new option, with the introduction of the popular live cockfighting game DS88 Sabong Live by Golden Plus!

The beauty of playing at Golden Plus sabong is that you don't have to be in the cockpit to join in. Everything can be done online. It's safe, fast and easy. And there are now gold benefits for signing up and playing, using GCash and local bank deposit and withdrawal methods are convenient and easy .

Huge development potential of E-sabong

In its heyday, the e-sabong industry was estimated to generate P650 million pesos per month in revenue for PAGCOR.The disappearance of the e-sabong is said to have had a significant impact on the number of unemployed in the country.According to the Joint Association of Wildfowl Feed Processors and Agricultural Veterinary Suppliers, P19 billion of their industry was paralyzed by the electronic cocktail moratorium.

Until September, when things took another turn for the worse, as Fermin Solis, chairman of Gamefowl Affiliates in Pitmasters-Philippines Batangas, expressed, because he sees great potential for the industry to grow.

Solis also said the professionalization of e-cocktails will greatly help veterinarians, feed suppliers and other industries because it will provide jobs and income for a variety of people.

"Because of modern technology, the cocktail industry will continue to grow using modern methods," Solis said. These laws must be followed in order for such an industry to appear professional.

Earn extra income - DS88 Sabong Live

In DS88 Sabong Live how to play,? two roosters are assigned to 2 sides. Either "meron", which bets against the rooster, or "wala", which bets against the loser.Once the bet is placed, the two roosters are set free to fight.

The "sentensyador" or in common parlance, the judge separates the fighting chickens. Once the winning male pigeon is announced, we have a winner!Once you have won, you can now claim your prize!Sometimes a tie is declared. Either neither cock can fight anymore, or they both bleed to death.

Some common betting terms on how to play online sabong. You also need to know the following betting terms when it comes to how to play E-sabong

"Parehas" - equal wins/losses

"lo dies" - your bet will be multiplied by 1.25

"Walo-anim" - betting 400 will win 550

"Onse" - a bet of 400 will win 550

"Tres" - a bet of 1,000 will win 1,500

"Sampu-anim": You bet 600 Philippine pesos to win 1,000 Philippine pesos

"Doblado" - your 1,000 will win you 2,000, or in layman's terms, DOUBLE!

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