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Best Philippines online sabong

Before the prevalence of online sabong in the Philippines, cockfighting was already a legal activity in the Philippines, but it could only be held by legal cockfighting farms during legal hours, such as Sundays, folk festivals, or national holidays. After the COVID-19 epidemic, the Philippine government banned civilian cockfighting activities for epidemic prevention reasons, thus shifting the passion to online sabong.

The country that loves to fight chickens Philippines

Last year, a strange case of death in the line of duty occurred in the Philippines. In the absence of natural disasters and malicious attacks, Lieutenant Christine Bolok, a police officer who was called to investigate illegal cockfighting activities, eventually died on the way to the hospital due to excessive blood loss.

In the process of investigating illegal cockfighting, Brock was stabbed in the left leg by a cock that still had a razor blade tied to its left leg, cutting his femoral artery and causing severe blood loss.

Looking at the news from another perspective, Borok's death is also a testament to the Filipino people's love for cockfighting. In fact, cockfighting in the Philippines has long gone beyond the level of "recreation" to become an industry with a sophisticated division of labor and a production value of hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • There are more cockfights than churches

Whether legal or illegal, the large number of activities in the Philippines demonstrates the undeniable love of cockfighting. There are cockfighting farms of all sizes in the country, and some people even half-jokingly say that "there are more cockfighting farms in the Philippines than churches," highlighting the prevalence of cockfighting.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, the Philippine government temporarily banned private cockfighting activities for epidemic prevention reasons, but there are still rumors of private cockfights from time to time, which led to the tragedy of the killing of police officers by cockfighting.

  • Annual Cockfighting Competition

In the past, the World Cockfighting Cup was held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and was also known as the "Olympic Games of the Cockfighting World". During the five-day event, spectators can watch more than 600 different cockfighting events and get a glimpse of the international cockfighting industry.

  • There is a way to create a wonderful tournament

At the same time, years of experience in cockfighting have allowed Filipinos to accumulate a variety of strange techniques to create exciting events. In the past, they would sprinkle chili powder on the anus of the cock to stimulate the cock, but nowadays they use steroids and other drugs to achieve better results.

  • Europeans bet on horses, Filipinos bet on cockfighting

There is no shortage of gaming in the cockfighting arena, with bets starting at $10 (about NT$292) and $100 (about NT$2,915) for the general public to $1,000 (about NT$29,150) and even $10,000 (about NT$291,500) for the rich and famous in the VIP seats.

Instead of going to a specific counter to buy a ticket, spectators gesture and yell to the betting registrars scattered throughout the arena, who then communicate odds and other information to each other through complicated but precise hand signals.

Philippines online sabong Safe Play

The online casinos are very diverse, most of them will use absolute winnings, high discounts, and other tactics to attract players to register in the casino, so that players have the feeling of fighting for big with small, and then use high profitability or pressure arbitrage methods to induce players to invest more funds, until the gold flow into the online casino will be closed directly, so that players can not find, how to play with peace of mind?

If you want to wander in the game of chicken, the most convenient way is to open the golden sabong plus casino, but there is really a lot of fraud on the Internet, how to distinguish the legitimacy of the online entertainment city? Let us show you how to tell the difference. Here are some of the features of golden sabong plus casino

  • Website fluency

When players experience lag in the process of operating the entertainment city, they should pay special attention to it! This not only makes the game experience bad, but also means that the developer cares about the details, and this situation is likely to involve the stability of the back-end gold flow, and there is a high possibility that it is a black network. golden sabong provides a stable and smooth playing experience, and 24-hour online customer service, the deposit and withdrawal are fast and convenient!

  • Complete web interface

Players should first observe whether the official website provides perfect information, such as account security, ways to store value, deposit/transfer process...etc. The more perfect the services provided by the casino, the more you can be sure of its legitimacy, after all, it costs to build the website. golden sabong has a legal license to ensure that players can actually withdraw their money.

  • Regular promotions

Almost every online casino offers promotions, which is a great selling point for players, and golden sabong plus casino is no exception: for players who like to fight chicken, we have payday bonuses, 1.2% daily rebates for VIPs, 0.5% daily rebates... and daily rewards such as sign-ups and roulette.

Philippines online sabong Various offers

Since the popularity of Covid-19, live cockfighting has stopped since last year, but the good thing is that now you can play e-sabong

We can still play and enjoy sabong from the comfort and security of our homes. We don't need to venture outside. Online cockfighting now has a new option, with the introduction of the popular live cockfighting game DS88 Sabong Live by Golden Plus!

The beauty of playing at Golden Plus sabong is that you don't have to be in the cockpit to join in. Everything can be done online. It's safe, fast, and easy. And there are now gold benefits for signing up and playing, using GCash and local bank deposit and withdrawal methods are convenient and easy.

Eager new players, you can get free points on your new turnover at golden sabong, and a 200% first deposit bonus for registered members! For experienced players who love to play chicken, we won't forget about you, we offer a 1.2% daily rebate for VIP members and up to 10% daily rebate! Whether you're a new player or a veteran, this is a great place for you to show off your talents!

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