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Before playing online sabong, let's get to know 6 species of fighting chickens

The difference between online sabong and Sabong

Before online Sabong became popular on our social media, Sabong was very different from the online Sabong we are familiar with today. The Sabah used to fit all the characteristics of the average Filipino as they would say Sabah is very Filipino-like, the games used to be very passionate, and action-packed, noisy crowds, chaotic scenes, and with money games giving Sabah lovers an adrenaline rush and anxiety whether their game money would double or not and whether they would lose.

Before playing online Sabong, let's learn more about the chicken breed

The purpose of raising fighting chickens is to fight, and the merits of fighting chickens depend on their fighting nature and fighting skills, and the rules of fighting vary with different requirements in different places. Fighting skills can be cultivated later in life, while fighting ability is related to genes.

There are several types of fighting chickens still in service in the world, from which players can taste and learn all kinds of interesting knowledge about fighting chickens

Thai Fighting Chicken

  • Thai Fighting Chicken

The good breed of fighting chicken, bright feathers, compact, close to the body, long tail, hairy, the distance between the legs should be wide, claws sharp, adaptable, beautiful, bright feathers, and brave and good fighting, ornamental fighting chicken.

Midland Chicken

  • Midland Chicken

The Central Plains cockatoo is half-pike shaped, with a small head and thin and tight scalp. Face slope long, hairy. The crown is verrucose. The flesh pendant is not visible. Beak short and thick arc-shaped, large eyes, deep eye sockets, iridescent water-white eyes, and bean-green eyes. The ear lobes are short and small.

Feather color variety, black-feathered cockatiel plumage has rich luster like black satin, white abdominal feathers, the male tail has two white sickle feathers, hens should have snowflake top; red-feathered roosters are red dates; sickle feathers have all black or with white spots, hens with cowpea red and white.

Vietnamese Fighting Chicken

  • Vietnamese Fighting Chicken

Vietnamese fighting chickens are quite good, but the fighting nature is not as good as the Central Plains fighting chickens, Vietnamese fighting chickens basically have bare necks, wings, and legs on the hair is relatively thin, or even not. Vietnamese fighting chickens have very long necks, tall bones, and long legs, and the overall impression is that they are tall and hairless.

Tulufan Cockfight

  • Tulufan Cockfight

Tulufan fighting chicken hair color is more mixed, there are black, light linen, and chestnut brown three kinds of hair colors. The top of the head is wide and flat and long, and the beak is short, curved and thick, strong and powerful. Bones are thick and sturdy, and the pectoral muscles are well-developed and thick. Legs, long necks, when standing up in a powerful manner, rich in the characteristics of fighting chickens.

The crown is compound, short, and slightly higher than the head feathers, the crown color is dark red, earlobes, flesh beard red, red eyes, short wings, close to the body, wing feathers with reddish brown, hemp or black, short tail feathers. Rooster sickle feathers are high, and tail feathers are mostly black and with a greenish luster. The tibia is long and straight, flesh-colored or black, with feathers on the outside of the tibia.

Lucy Fighting Chicken

  • Lucy Fighting Chicken

This type of fighting fowl is a local breed for fun, and the Anhui fighting fowl, Zhangzhou fighting fowl, and Henan fighting fowl are known as the four major fighting fowl in China.

Lucian fighting fowl origin and the central production area of southwestern Shandong Province, Heze, Yancheng, Cao County, Chengwu, and other cities, Lucian fighting fowl are tall, semi-rhombic, robust, and muscular. The body is compact and sturdy. Adult fighting chickens have the characteristics of an "eagle beak, gooseneck, high legs, ostrich body". Small head, thin and firm scalp. The face is narrow and long, with fine hair.

Called Rainy Mountain Chicken

  • Called Rainy Mountain Chicken

Because of its unique growing environment and fresh air, and its free-range raising method of "free feeding and free-range raising in the mountain forest", it gives full play to the nature of fighting chickens.

Fighting chickens are born to fight, often fight, chicken meat is strong, there are eagles in the mountains, eagles circling, fighting chickens crown erect, high sensitivity. Fighting chicken feathers are mostly composed of 2-3 or even a variety of colors, generally by white, brown, and black as the main.


Goldan Sabong

How to register online sabong

Goldan Sabong offers Sabong online betting. golden sabong brings you closer to the action by streaming live footage from the Philippines' most popular arenas. To bet on Sabong at Golden Sabong, simply follow these steps.

  • Register as a member First, you need to become a member, please see our "Registration Page" for detailed registration steps.

  • Fill in the information After registration, you need to fill in personal information, including bank, bank account, bank account holder, cell phone verification

  • Deposit We offer a variety of payment methods, so you can choose the one you prefer.

  • Start Betting After completing the above three points, you can start betting right away by choosing your favorite cockfight.

Eager new players, you can get free points on your new turnover at golden sabong, and a 200% first deposit bonus for registered members! For experienced players who love to play chicken, we won't forget about you, we offer a 1.2% daily rebate for VIP members and up to 10% daily rebate! Whether you're a new player or a veteran, this is a great place for you to show off your talents!

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