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Online Sabong Websites: The Ultimate Guide to Raising and Betting on Fighting Chickens

Cockfighting is the national pastime of the Philippines, and the art of breeding fighting chickens is a true specialty. The qualities of a fighting chicken can be assessed based on its natural abilities and fighting skills. While nature plays a role in this, these skills can also be nurtured and cultivated. It's not just Filipinos who have the potential to breed top-notch fighting chickens. Anyone can learn the following tips on breeding and training to enhance their observation skills and increase their chances of winning when betting.

Choose a good fighting chicken from genetics

  • Selecting a breed - Called Rainy Mountain Fighting Chicken

This species of cockatoo grows in primeval forests, and because of the unique growing environment and the free-range method, the cockatoo's nature can be fully developed.

  • Select species - Central Plains Fighting Chicken

This is one of the most popular fighting chicken breeds. The Central Plains fighting chicken has a semi-shoe-shaped appearance, with a small head and thin, tight scalp. The flesh is not obvious, the beak is short and thick and curved, the eyes are large, the eye sockets are deep, and the ear lobes are short and small.

  • Select species-Vietnamese Fighting Chicken

The Vietnamese fighting chicken is a very good breed in the world of fighting chickens. It is less fighting than the Chinese fighting chickens, but the skills are easy to cultivate. Basically, all Vietnamese fighting chickens have bare neck, and the hair on the wings and legs are relatively thin or even absent.

Vietnamese fighting chickens have a lot of skills when fighting, such as neck pressure, two-sided control of the chicken, and chattering the back of the head, which are all characteristics of Vietnamese fighting chickens.

For the strength to score more points - solid training of your fighting chickens

  • Step 1: Catching up with the fighting chickens

Training began when the chickens reached 2 kg in weight. Every morning, sandbags were tied to the legs of the chickens, and the chickens were chased at a speed of 10 km per hour for 1 hour each time, for a training period of 10 days.

  • Step 2: Practice pecking

Let the fighting chickens starve for 8 hours, then throw pellets of food on the floor and chairs to train them to fly up and down to peck accurately. Use this method for 10-15 days; then hang up the buns with a thin rope and move the rope around to train the chickens to peck at moving targets with an accuracy of more than 95%.

  • Step 3: Make the Fighting Chicken Vicious

Make a model of a chicken that can move flexibly, and apply rice to it for the chicken to peck. When the pigeon is pecking, people manipulate the model to move flexibly, thus provoking the pigeon, so that the pigeon pecking is hard and accurate.

Ready to Bet? Visit Online Sabong Websites for the Best Gaming Experience

After mastering the techniques of breeding and training fighting chickens, it's time to put your skills to the test at Online Sabong Websites. We offer a wide range of betting options and the best gaming experience. Here are the promises and guarantees we provide to our players:

  • Guaranteed Event Offer

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