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online sabong site / Strategy analysis to improve the winning rate of betting in the game of chicken

In reality, we often see such things: the two sides struggle, each does not give way, and over time a small matter becomes a big matter, a big matter into a disaster, and ultimately lead to the problem can not be solved, and even end up with a lose-lose situation.

When playing online sabong sites, we are constantly looking for knowledge and techniques to improve our betting odds. Can the wisdom hardened by the philosophy of life be applied to betting techniques to improve our betting odds? The following is an introduction to the game of chicken

hawk–dove game - A classic strategy theory in game theory

We simulate the following situation: In a cockfighting arena, two aggressive cockfighters start a big battle.

Each rooster has two choices of action: one is to retreat, and the other is to attack.

1. If one side retreats and the other side does not, and the other side wins, the rooster loses the game and loses face.

2. If the opponent also retreats, the two chickens will have a tie.

3. If you do not retreat and your opponent retreats, we win and the opponent loses.

4. If both chickens move forward, both will lose.

In these cases, the result of the median is that each side takes a step back.

hawk–dove game - the worst outcome is a lose-lose situation

The "chicken game" or "coward game" (Chicken means "coward" in American slang) is also a classic strategy theory in game theory.

Retreating may seem like a cowardly act, but sometimes it is the first step to attack. The most secure way for a sensible person to win is to move from low to high by retreating. No matter what we do or how we behave, we must remember that there is a need to advance and retreat, to do something and not to do something. In many cases, the necessary concessions can be exchanged for greater benefits; while the aggressive, but may fall into the "chicken trap", and end up in a lose-lose situation.

In fact, there are only two strategies left to choose from: both sides do not give way to each other and both sides lose, or both sides take a step back and the sky is clear.

However, in reality, both parties involved in the competition understand that with two tigers fighting each other, there must be a wound; but often too arrogant, think their chances of victory and are unwilling to back off, especially for the apparently dominant party, often do not rest until a victory.

Then, the end result, even if not a defeat, but also "kill a thousand enemies, self-inflicted damage”

hawk–dove game - How to apply an online sabong site

When you think about it, if one side retreats first, it will be both sides, especially the one with the advantage, who will benefit in the end.

If you have this wisdom of retreating in order to provide the other side with room to maneuver, you will bring more room and victory to yourself, so that both sides will lose and become a win-win situation.

If both sides can first hold down negative feelings when emotions come to think carefully, and then take a more moderate approach, first step back, waiting for the right time, and then take appropriate measures to achieve their goals, then the process will not be so tense, and the outcome is likely to be much better.

And applied to the online sabong site, such a theory provides us with the direction to think about

  • Well-planned capital, with only a portion of your personal assets to be used for betting

  • Do you understand the rules of cockfighting thoroughly, rather than just placing random bets based on preference?

  • Diversify betting risk, reduce the betting amount, increase betting frequency, and increase the overall winning rate

  • Research more carefully beforehand to avoid the risk of being scammed

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