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E SABONG, one of the fastest growing industries during the epidemic, or the only alternative to fighting chickens today

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Today, let's learn about the various influences of this human cultural trend

international sabong-The Culture of Communication in Asia

In fact, cockfighting has a long history. Since the Northern Song Dynasty in ancient China, cockfighting activities have been prevalent in the community. From princes and nobles down to the common people, all of them have been enjoying cockfighting. Many ancient poems and lines vividly depict the bustling scene of cockfighting.

Cockfighting has a long history and culture, and because of its popularity, it has gradually spread from China to the rest of the world; nowadays, the Philippines is definitely the most well-known country in the world for cockfighting. As a unique breed of resource, Philippine cockfighting has been developed for tourism purposes and has become a "signature dish" to showcase local characteristics.

international sabong-The various uses of fighting chickens

The types of chickens can be broadly classified into five categories

  • Broiler

  • Egg Chicken

  • Meat and egg chicken

  • Chicken for both food and medicine

  • And fighting chicken

The first four species are for food, and the last category is for viewing. The cockatoo is generally tall and lanky, robust, long-bodied, and shaped like an ostrich's body. Beak like an eagle beak, long neck, chest developed, shallow feathers, thick and long neck.

The main species of fighting chickens are

  • Midland Chicken

  • Thai Fighting Chicken

  • Tulufan Cockfight

  • Xishuangbanna fighting chicken, etc.


international sabong-Characteristics of fighting chickens

The cockatoo is a rare bird known for its ability to fight well. Also known as fighting chickens, biting chickens, and army chickens. When two males meet or fight with each other for food or for a mate, they can put their lives at risk and fight until their last breath. It is a breed of chicken used for competition and entertainment.

The selection of fighting pheasants is mainly based on the best breed with strong fighting ability, especially those that still have the fighting ability and good heredity at the end of the fight, so special attention is paid to the purity of the fighting pheasant's bloodline, which is at least 2 to 3 generations different. After inbreeding, the selection of a high degree of purity of the excellent fighting chicken family.

The offspring produced by the mating of fighting chickens from different families, such chickens are physically strong, have high fighting skills, and are fast in fighting, but the heredity is not stable and should not be used for breeding.

international sabong-The key to winning the chicken fight

There are several types of fighting techniques for fighting chickens: the tall-headed big-biter, the flat-headed flat-bodied fighter, the running circle fighter, and the four-way all-fighter (all-round, the most desirable fighting style). Regardless of the fighting style, as long as the fighter is good at more than two types and has heavy legs, he is a good fighter.

The key to victory in chicken fighting is the accuracy, weight, and speed of the strikes. Accuracy refers to the ability to hit the opponent's head, weight refers to the weight of the leg strike, and speed refers to the number of strikes per unit of time and the ability to hit several legs in a row.

international sabong-How to choose a winning fighting chicken

For players who want to participate in chicken betting, how do choose a good fighter from the appearance?

  • See if the feathers of this fighting chicken are bright and shiny, the beak and claws should be sharp and intact, the body shape should be robust and even, and the muscles should appear strong and powerful.

  • Look at the energy of this fighting chicken: to be full of energy, temperament to be fierce, eyes should be full of vigilance, a sense of inviolability without anger.

  • Look at the reaction of this fighting chicken when it is provoked, it should not be afraid of provocation, responsive, able to take the initiative to counterattack, and swift, flexible, and powerful movements.

If you meet the above three requirements, you are basically a good fighting chicken. Although you cannot personally participate in the breeding process of fighting chickens, for players, if you follow the above characteristics to choose a fighting chicken, you will have a good chance of winning.


how to withdraw money from international sabong

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