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Goldan Sabong-Tips for raising champion fighting chickens and sabong online registration

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Looking for a website to play E-SABONG? Or do you want to learn more about SABONG? Let's see how to train a good fighting cock, develop a sharper eye and increase the winning rate of bets!

How to train a strong fighting chicken

Cockfighting is one of the most popular national activities in the Philippines, and there are large farms in many villages and hills. Not only are there two legal cockfighting courses in Manila, but all bets are also legal. The Philippines also hosts the Manila International Invitational Cockfighting Tournament every year, inviting cockfighting teams from Asia and the United States to compete.

Therefore, cultivating potential fighting chickens has become a national sport for Filipinos: After hatching, young fighting chickens will develop a fighting nature at about 7 to 8 months. Not only do you need to choose the breed of fighting chickens, but you can also get fantastic fighting chickens by cultivating them according to the following methods!

  • Chasing chickens

Fighting chickens grow fast, when their weight reaches 2 kg, start training. Every morning, we tie sandbags on the legs of chickens and chase them at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour, chasing them for one hour each time, chasing them until they are not fatigued and their running speed does not slow down.

  • Pecking

After starving the chickens for 8 hours, they were trained to peck accurately by throwing pellets of food on the ground and on a chair. Use this method of training for 10-15 days, then hang up the bun with a thin rope, and swing the rope up and down, left and right, so that the hungry fighting chickens with the bun up and down, left and right flash, rapid flight and jump, training fighting chickens to peck the moving target accuracy rate of more than 95% before stopping.

  • Fierce practice

Make a model of a different chicken that can move flexibly, and coat it with rice, so that the fighting chicken can peck its body. When the pigeon is pecking, the person moves the model flexibly to provoke the pigeon to peck, stomp, and wing peck until the pigeon pecks hard and stomps accurately. This training generally takes about 10-20 days.

It is worth noting that no matter which training, please keep in mind: 2-5 hours must pass after the training before feeding, so that the training can achieve the corresponding effect.


sabong online registration

Have a better understanding of cockfighting? With Golden Sabong casino, players can enjoy the blood-curdling excitement of cockfighting without having to travel to the Philippines in person. However, there are many online casinos, so it is a question of how to choose, is it legal? Is it safe? Is it legitimate? Is it a dark network? The players must have a certain concept before participating in the game.

Legal online casinos, which are set up in countries where the regulations are legal, players can play without worrying about the legality of the problem; instead of worrying about the legality of the problem when playing, we should pay more attention to the correctness of the regulations, because it is related to our money to get or not!

The easiest way to identify the legitimacy of an online entertainment city is to compare three companies, listen more, see more, and compare more. There are still ways to identify, and this side for all players to organize three points of great analysis, can teach you how to choose the right online entertainment city.

  • Is the entertainment city information perfect?

The first step in distinguishing a legitimate online casino is to observe whether the online casino's official website provides perfect information, such as how to store value, the transfer process, the deposit process, account security, how to register, whether there is 24h customer service, etc. The more perfect the service provided, the more you can tell if the online casino is legitimate.

  • The level of reasonableness of preferential activities

When you click on the online casino website, you will find that almost every casino offers promotions, like our casino offers 1.2% daily rebate and 0.5% daily rebate for VIP...all of which are within a reasonable range.

  • The smoothness of the game system

As long as you have played online games will know, if the smoothness of a game as a whole does not work, it will be very uncomfortable to play, and placed in the online entertainment city is the same reason when you find that a click button does not work, then you have to be especially careful, when the developer does not handle such details carefully, it means that also do not care about the smoothness of the player's game, it is likely to involve the flow of money, this situation is likely to be a black network.

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