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Goldan Sabong / sabong free credits you can get it

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

How to train fighting chickens

Looking for a good way to play E-SABONG? Where can I get sabong free points? Check out the following knowledge about cockfighting before you play to improve your odds across the board and increase your chances of winning in the future!

How to raise superior fighting chickens

Selection and breeding of good seeds

Although bullfighting in Spain has become a part of Spanish culture, several cities have explicitly banned this ancient tradition, but there is a lot of resistance to a total ban, and it is a long way off. Filipino bullfighting is also a national activity with many participants and deep historical and cultural backgrounds, and although there are various positive and negative opinions, it is still flourishing.

Many Filipino cockfighters put a lot of effort into their breeding in order to win the cockfighting competition.

  • Selection and breeding of good seeds

Male cockerels require large bones, thick and strong necks, thick and high legs, developed pectoral muscles, bright red crowns in the shape of a flat tumor, eyes should be large and sharp, feathers obedient to the body, majestic posture, body weight of 3.5 kg or more. Female cockerel structure, well-developed, lively, and active, eyes large and lively, body weight of 2.5 kg or more.

  • Implementation of epidemic prevention

Only to keep the fighting chickens in a healthy state, in order to facilitate domestication and reproduction, so in the spring to do a good job of disease prevention and control work, must keep the coop clean, available once a week to disinfect the Bacitracin or Sterilizer 1:1000 times the spray, a disinfectant can be sprayed to the fighting chickens, the trough, the water tank with 0.1% of potassium permanganate solution scrubbed once a day, and do a good job of preventing inoculation.

  • Scientific Recipes

Fighting chickens grow fast, have strong activity, and energy consumption, so the nutritional composition should be comprehensive, with more than 23% crude protein, and essential amino acids to complete, young fighting chickens have a special feed formula and some green feed such as vegetable leaves.

  • Strict farming management

Daily regular water supply for food, always maintain sufficient clean drinking water. To regularly tame running tame fighting, tame running can be tied on the legs with 50 to 100 grams of sandbags, every day to insist on taming fighting 2 hours, and tame running 1 hour, so as to tame agile movement, with a strong fighting ability fighting chickens.


Sabong free credits

Sabong free credits you can get it

As players who play E-SABONG often know, they are worried about encountering fraudulent online casinos, and if they are unlucky enough to encounter them, they will lose their money and not enjoy the fun of the game. But usually, the Internet is full of many different kinds of online casinos with difficult problems, how to sort out to know which are fraudulent? We know all about the player's pains! Don't worry, just read through our collation, and immediately solve your worries, so you can play with peace of mind.

  • You can see the basic information and IP location

Before registering with any online casino, the first thing to do is to check if there is basic information provided on the official website, such as registration methods, ways to store value, payment process, account security information, whether there is a 24-hour online customer service, server location... etc. Among them, the location of the server is an extremely important sentence, if the host is not set up in a legal country, then it is definitely not a legal online casino.

If it is a legitimate online entertainment city, the more detailed the basic information that can be disclosed; on the contrary, if you find that the information provided on the official website is incomplete, or even the location of the server is not available, you should suspect that this is a high chance of fraudulent website.

  • Don't believe too much in preferential online casino registration activities

The online casino's registration offers are so good that they don't count the cost of the state, don't get excited too early, this is likely to be a means of luring players to store value so that the platform can recover more money from you afterward.

Golden Sabong is an event that offers players relatively more benefits within reason, for example, for those who like sabong we will have a golden payday, so you can play with even better offers on this day!

  • Find recommended reviews of online entertainment cities

Lastly, and one of the easiest ways to judge, is to search for reviews online. A legitimate and good platform will definitely have a lot of players recommending it, on the contrary, a suspicious and fraudulent platform will be difficult to find its related reviews.

A safe place to play E-Sabong

This site to watch and participate in Sabong International Live not only improves the quality of betting but is also a legal and safe way to play, especially during isolation.

Everyone has been hooked on this sports betting game since its big popularity began. One of the most popular sites hosting this online international is

The good thing about playing at is that you don't need to be in the cockpit to join. Everything can be done online. It is safe, fast, and easy. And now there are gold coin benefits for signing up and playing, easy and simple deposit and withdrawal methods using GCash and local banks.

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