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Free Credits: The Fascinating World of Animal Fighting

As Darwin once said, humans have a natural instinct for competition in order to survive and develop. In ancient times, this competitive urge was manifested in activities such as hunting and war. However, as society evolved, human competitiveness was suppressed, and even sports could only satisfy the demands of a small number of people. As a result, this competitive urge was transferred to watching animal fights.

Animal fighting has a long history and exists in various forms around the world. While some see it as a cultural tradition, others view it as barbaric. This article will explore three different types of animal fighting: cockfighting, bullfighting, and fox hunting.

Section 1: Cockfighting

Originating in Asia, cockfighting is a traditional activity that has spread around the world. In the Philippines, it is especially popular, and people even raise roosters specifically for cockfighting. During a cockfight, participants attach blades to the roosters' legs in order to cause serious injury or death to the opponent. The popularity of cockfighting is largely based on gambling, with many Filipinos believing in the power of luck and chance.

Section 2: Bullfighting

Bullfighting is a well-known sport that originated in Spain. The basic structure of a bullfight consists of four parts: teasing, spearing, the use of the cape, and killing. After the bull has been provoked, the bullfighter's assistant stabs the bull with a spear to weaken it. The bullfighter then uses a cape to further exhaust the bull, before finally killing it with a sword. Supporters of bullfighting argue that it represents a knightly spirit and is a symbol of Spanish honor, pride, and individualism.

Section 3: Fox Hunting

Fox hunting is a popular activity in the UK, where supporters argue that it is not only a traditional part of the rural culture but also beneficial to agriculture. Foxes often prey on chickens, which can have a significant impact on farmers' livelihoods. Additionally, fox hunting provides many job opportunities. During a fox hunt, people ride horses and follow hunting dogs as they chase and corner the fox. Once exhausted, the fox is shot by the hunters.


Animal fighting has a controversial history, with supporters seeing it as a cultural tradition and a way to display bravery and honor, while others view it as cruel and inhumane. Regardless of one's opinion, animal fighting remains a popular activity around the world. In the Philippines, cockfighting is a major part of the culture and is heavily based on gambling. In Spain, bullfighting represents a symbol of pride and honor. And in the UK, fox hunting is a traditional rural activity that some see as beneficial to agriculture. Whatever your opinion on animal fighting, it is undeniable that it is a fascinating and complex phenomenon. As a result, many people are interested in learning more and finding ways to participate, such as through websites like Sabong, which offer free credits for cockfighting enthusiasts.

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