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DS88 Sabong: Exploring the Fascinating World of Cockfighting in the Philippines

Cockfighting, locally known as "sabong," is a male-dominated activity in the Philippines. Men see it as a means of improving their social status. Winning a fight is a source of pride and power that makes them feel superior to their unfortunate opponents. This aspect of cockfighting further reinforces Filipino society's emphasis on one's class and status.

With the onset of the pandemic, trends have shifted. Due to safety and convenience factors, online sabong websites such as DS88 Sabong have gained popularity. However, live cockfighting competitions still hold their irreplaceable charm. Let's explore some of the unique features of cockfighting in the Philippines:

Features of DS88 Sabong

  • Cockfighting blades:

Unlike other countries, cockfighting in the Philippines involves tying long, sharp blades to the roosters' legs. A single kick can cause severe injury, not only to other birds but also to humans. Thus, it's a dangerous "entertainment" activity. Outside the cockfighting arena, it's a bustling market where people queue up to buy chickens or get blades tied to them. Blade tying is a skillful job that can affect the bird's fighting capabilities, making it a craft in the region.

  • TV Channels dedicated to Sabong:

Although cockfighting is a form of gambling in the Philippines, it's legal. The extent of its influence can be seen from the fact that there are TV channels solely dedicated to sabong. Large-scale cockfighting matches are also broadcasted live on TV, showcasing its frenzy.

  • Sabungeros:

Before each game, there are people in charge of collecting bets in the arena, speaking in the local dialect. They encourage everyone to place their bets, even though one may not understand their words. What's impressive about these people is their memory. They don't issue receipts, and if you win, they'll hand you your prize money promptly. The memory of these bet collectors is truly astounding.

  • Fast-paced competition:

A typical cockfight lasts only two to three rounds. However, if the two roosters are evenly matched, it can last up to several dozen rounds. The fight's outcome depends on which bird can no longer stand, similar to professional boxing. The losing bird rarely survives, as it has sustained fatal injuries.

  • "Doctors" for the roosters:

As long as a rooster still breathes, there is a chance for its recovery. Outside the arena, there are specialized "doctors" who stitch up the bird's wounds. Blade tying and bird care are two distinct professions, and their participants belong to different genders. The former is a male-dominated role, responsible for the slaughter, while the latter is a female-dominated profession that focuses on healing and recovery. According to a local resident, a bird that's fortunate enough to be saved will never be sent back to the fighting arena again.

In conclusion, sabong may be a brutal sport, but it's an integral part of Filipino culture. It's a spectacle that provides livelihood to thousands of people and attracts millions of enthusiasts worldwide. Despite the pandemic's impact, it still maintains its popularity among the Filipino community, proving that some traditions remain unshaken amidst change. If you're interested in experiencing the world of sabong, check out DS88 Sabong, one of the popular online sabong websites in the Philippines.

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